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Our very first post


There’s always a first time for everything so here goes …


2015 we finally were able to buy a house of our own. Then came the humongous task of doing up the house.  The idea of getting stuff online appealed much more than scouting furniture markets or markets for curtains and bedspreads and rugs ……. And the list goes on. Since then we have dreamed of going online with home furnishing. While we surely are not the first, we are surely among the most passionate about bringing new, value based articles for comfort and use.


So what, there are so many online giants in the market offering just this and more, what is it that we offer that is different..

Truly on the tangible front we wish to provide the best quality possible and on the intangible front we hope to create a more personalized long term relationship. We commit to offer our customers the best we can, take in their feedback and work towards giving them more customized offers.


While currently we shall offer


  1. Rugs – hand tufted, flat weaves, printed in varied sizes (also customized in sizes and colors in certain options).
  2. Storage baskets made from eco friendly material.
  3. Eco friendly Wall arts
  4. Towels for all age groups
  5. Bedspreads 
  6. For kids we offer products like canopies for their beds or a dream catcher to protect him/her for nightmares and
  7. Furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces.


We are working towards


Coming up with  mobile nurseries in the kids section; a variety of product in the dinning section more options in our bath category from mats to hand towels to all combined sets. Simultaneously working towards newer products in all categories.


It is a huge market place out there and we hope to find buyers who we can satisfy and maybe delight with out product offerings..


Here is dreaming for everyone’s dreams to come true.