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AJS Living Scarves for Women Stylish, Soft Luxurious Elegant for all Season Scarf for Ladies, Girls Cotton Printed Scarf, 100 x 100 cm Square Size

400.00 210.00

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Material:- Cotton/ Wool

Wear it to protect yourself from the weather, wear it add colour to your outfit, wear it just for comfort, wear it as a style statement.

We promise,

Skin friendly colors that do not fade

No pilling in the material

Ultra wide, very large sizes that can be conditioned as shawls too

Additional Features:

Dimensions: 100 wide x 100 long cm / 40 wide x 40 long inch / 3.5 X 3.5 feet

Approx. 140 g weight.

Stoles for women are soft and stylish

Immerse yourself in a luxurious experience.

Care Instructions: Hand wash with cold water, dry flat, no bleach, no wring or twisting.

Perfect to gift.


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