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At AJS Living we highly value our guest. Is why it’s critical for us to maintain highest standards for customers’ information privacy and secure transactions?

Collection of Personal Information and Its Usage

Personal information includes your name, contact number, address, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, etc., when you use our website; we ask and collect these information time to time.

The basic purpose behind collection of personal information is to provide all our guests an efficient, safe, smooth and customized shopping experience. These personal data of customers help us to provide you the features and services that are most likely to meet your requirements. After sharing the personal information, you are no more anonymous to us and you are making us entitled to share communication related to new offers, promotions, transactions etc.

Every customer of ours has the choice to not provide his/ her information and not use a particular feature or service on the Website.

When you use our website, our server may automatically track information about you on the basis of browsing behavior. Your information is kept confidential by us and is used for internal research to know more about our users’ interests, demographics and behavior. The collected information may also include your computer browser information, IP address, URL that you just came from and URL you next go to.

Our company also gets your personal information data, when you register yourself on the website. While, you can browse our product line and many sections on our website without registering yourself but in certain activities such as order placement, registration is mandatory. We can share regular updates about new promotions and offers with you to help you get a better deal.